hosting a tournament 

NTBA is looking for qualified individuals or organizations to host and run NTBA sanctioned tournaments. This is a great way earn money for yourself or your team. 

For more information on hosting a sanctioned NTBA tournament or to see if your area has any available dates, please contact us by: 

PHONE: 1-800-790-NTBA(6822)

NTBA will:

- promote your tournament to get as many teams there as possible

- provide online registration process for each team

- schedule the tournament for you

- train you on how to run a tournament

- be there every step of the way including before, during, and after the tournament 

- provide all liability and supplemental insurance 

- and much more!

Please CONTACT US for any questions and to get info on our payout structure.


do you have what it takes?



800-790-NTBA (6822)
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