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When is the deadline to register and pay for tournaments?
Our deadline for regular season weekend tournaments is at midnight the Sunday prior to each tournament. However most of our tournaments will sell out before then so make sure to register and pay early. The deadline for our National Championship is usually two weeks prior to the first day of Nationals, but may be earlier and always sells out early.

Can any team sign up for a NTBA tournament?
Yes. Simply pay the NTBA Membership Fee (only a one time yearly fee) and the tournament entry fee. You must make sure you register for the correct Age Division for your team when signing up and playing in a NTBA tournament.

Where do I find a listing for NTBA tournaments?
The best place is to search our website by clicking TOURNAMENTS under our Main Menu tab. If you don't see a tournament listed in your area, contact us as we may have a local tournament director hosting events in your area that is posted directly on their website.

Can any player play on our team?
Yes. As long as they meet the eligibility rules for the specific division you are signing up. Make sure to visit our Eligibility Page to make sure all players on your team meet the criteria. NTBA has no limits or rules on where a player can live to be eligible for your team.

Can I add and/or drop players throughout the season?
Yes. Simply log in to our website and click on MY TEAMS in the main menu bar. From there once you have created your team you can update your roster right online. You my add or drop players at any time throughout the year as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for the division you are playing. Note: NTBA will also accept the HARD COPY team roster you turn in during the team check-in at any NTBA sanctioned tournament if you roster is not updated online. 

Can I update my roster online?
Yes. Once you create a new team online under MY TEAMS you will see a ROSTER button which you can add or drop players. Please make sure this roster is updated at all times. Note: NTBA will also accept the HARD COPY team roster you turn in during the team check-in at any NTBA sanctioned tournament if you roster is not updated online.

Can I get a multi-team discount if I'm bringing more that one team to the same tournament?
Yes. Simply pay online for all the teams at once and the website will build in the appropiate discount.

  • 2 teams - 5% off
  • 3 teams - 7.5% off
  • 4 teams - 10% off
  • 5 or more teams - 15% off 

Can I get a multi-tournament discount if I sign up for more than one tournament with my team?
Yes. Simply register and pay for multiple tournaments on our website at the same time and the website will build in the appropiate discount.

  • 2 tournaments - 5% off
  • 3 tournaments - 7.5% off
  • 4 tournaments - 10% off
  • 5 or more tournaments - 15% off 

How do I find the schedule for the tournament I'm playing in?
We will post each tournament schedule directly on our website. Under the main menu tab, click TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES which you will find as a subcategory under TOURNAMENTS. WE will also post each tournament schedule on our free NTBA app. You can download our free app on any smartphone by searching NTBA in your app store. NTBA prides itself in releasing the tournament schedule as quickly as possible so that coaches, parents, and players can make arrangements early in the week.

Can my team schedule change once the schedule has been posted?
Yes. While we try to make little to no changes, sometimes unforeseen cirmcumstances happen and we will have to adjust the schedule. Make sure you continue to check our website and our NTBA app for any changes (even the day of the tournament).

Can any team play in NTBA Nationals?
Yes. Simply register and pay online before the deadline. Contact Us for more info.

How many teams typically play in NTBA Nationals?
NTBA typicially has a total (boys and girls) of 650+ teams yearly that play in our National Championships. We usually see teams from 20+ states yearly.  





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