NTBA National championship 

2024 National Championship Dates

Girls (4th-12th "grade" divisions): June 27-30 (*deadline to pay: June 13th if not sold out already before then)
Boys I (5th-12th "grade" divisions): July 15-20 (*deadline to pay: July 1st if not sold out already before then)
Boys II (9U-14U "age" divisions): July 25-28 (*deadline to pay: July 11th if not sold out already before then)

- If we receive enough 3rd grade girls teams that sign up we will have a separate 3rd grade girls championship
- We offer both AGE and GRADE divisions for the boys (please sign up for the correct one)

Reserve your spot now!
Our National Championship will sell out due to the high number of teams that participate each year. If you know you are coming you can reserve your spot and we will hold a place for you. As long as you pay before the deadline (listed above) you will be able to guarantee your spot. 



Main Location
Myrtle Beach Sports Center
2115 Sports Center Way
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

note: other gyms will be used due to the high number of teams however the majority of the games will be played in the above location


Discounted Hotels
Click HERE for all the discounted hotels for Nationals 

Championship.Ring.Nationals.PNGTwo Divisions Offered
Two divisions (Gold and Silver) for each age group (to crown two different champions) will be offered. NTBA will not allow teams to choose which division they will play in.  Pool play record will determine your division and thus each team will truly be placed in their correct talent level for bracket play.  The top half of the teams will be placed in the Gold Bracket and the bottom half will be placed in the Silver Bracket. There must be a minimum of 8 teams to have two different divisions.

Great awards will be given to both the champion and runner-up for each age group. Both the Gold and Silver divisions will receive the great awards. Team and individual awards will be given out. 

Daily Agenda  

Girls Nationals (June 26-30)
June 26: Early Bird Team/Player Check-In (4:00pm-8:00pm) / Any teams in town should check in during this time.
June 27: Regular Team/Player Check-In  (8:00am-11:00am)
               Pool Play Begins (11:00am-10:00pm)
June 28: Pool Play Continues (8:00am-10:00pm)
June 29: Bracket Play Begins (8:00am-10:00pm)
June 30: Brackey Play Continues and Championship Games (8:00am-4:00pm)
Boys Nationals I 5th-12th GRADE Divisions (July 15-20)
July 15: Team/Player Check-In (2:00pm-8:00pm)
July 16: Pool Play Begins (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 17: Pool Play Continues (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 18: Pool Play Continues (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 19: Bracket Play Begins (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 20: Bracket Play Continues and Championship Games (8:00am-4:00pm)
Boys Nationals II 9U-14U AGE Divisions (July 24-28)
July 24: Early Bird Team/Player Check-In (4:00pm-8:00pm) / Any teams in town should check in during this time
July 25: Regular Team/Player Check-In  (8:00am-11:00am)
              Pool Play Begins (11:00am-10:00pm)
July 26: Pool Play Continues (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 27: Bracket Play Begins (8:00am-10:00pm)
July 28: Brackey Play Continues and Championship Games (8:00am-4:00pm)

NTBA Girls National Championship Divisions to choose from

  • - 4th Grade
  • - 5th Grade
  • - 6th Grade
  • - 7th Grade
  • - 8th Grade
  • - 9th Grade
  • - 10th Grade
  • - 11th/12th Grade
  • note: If enough 3rd grade teams sign up, NTBA will offer a totally separate 3rd grade division/champion as well

NTBA Boys National Championship Divisions to choose from

  • "Grade Divisions" for Boys Nationals I
    - 5th Grade
    - 6th Grade
    - 7th Grade
    - 8th Grade
    - 9th Grade
    - 10th Grade
    - 11th/12th Grade

    "Age Divisions" for Boys Nationals II
  • - 9 & under
  • - 10 & under
    - 11 & under
    - 12 & under 
    - 13 & under
    - 14 & under

 Highlights for NTBA Nationals

  • - Nationals will take place towards the end of the travel basketball season each summer. NTBA believes in offering a well organized event while keeping the cost as low as possible for each team. Discounted hotels are offered along with several discounts for attractions and restaurants. Teams can stay anywhere they like. The entry fee for Nationals is one of the lowest in the country.
  • - Discounts for coaches at participating restaurants.
  • - Scouting services are at NTBA Nationals and evaluations are sent off to college coaches. Some college coaches might be in attendance as well.
  • - Two different national champions are crowned at NTBA Nationals for each age group as teams will be split into a Gold Bracket and Silver Bracket after pool play (minimum of 8 teams in an age group required)
  • - Action Photo's will be taken during Nationals and available to all players.
  • - The National Championship is sponsored by Captain U. Each team and player can set up a free profile with Captain U to connect with thousands of college coaches across the country. 
  • - Extremely thorough player check-in process to assure all teams are playing on the same level playing field. Players are verified contact-free online through National Sports ID (NSID).
  • - Average 650 teams yearly.
  • - 20+ states represented yearly (along with teams from Puerto Rico and Canada).
  • - Sells out every year so make sure to register early.
  • - Free smart phone app to keep up with all scores, team seeding for bracket play, and schedule.
  • - NTBA National Championship apparel store.
    - Many games streamed online for family and friends back home to watch.
  • - and much more!

Online Streaming

BallerTV will be at NTBA Nationals streaming the games online. Watch from anywhere! Sign up for a BallerTV account now to watch the games. Click ON the BallerTV Banner below for more info and to sign up. 



Team Pictures

NTBA offers professional TEAM PICTURES with the 2023 National Championship Logo for your team at a great price. You can sign up and get your team pic taken during the team check-in on the first day of Nationals. See below for more info/order forms.







Picture Forms and Action Shots Info
Team Picture Order Form (check back later for details)
Info Form for Team Pic and Action Shots (check back later for details)


Captain U



We are excited to announce that CaptainU is the official recruiting partner of the NTBA Nationals! Through our partnership, your participating athletes will receive a free CaptainU profile, which allows them to build a dynamic player profile and have immediate access to every college Basketball coach in the country. We hope that your athlete will take advantage of our partnership and use CaptainU to help them along their recruiting journey!

Who is CaptainU?

●       CaptainU is a self managed recruiting software tool that connects High School athletes and college coaches across the country

●       Linked-In style academic and athletic resume for athletes

●       Athletes can send messages to college coaches and also find out which coaches are searching and following them

●       Athletes can publish their athletic stats, academics, and videos all in one place

●     Over 2,000 Basketball college programs are using CaptainU to discover new athletes

Since CaptainU was founded in 2008, over 2 million high school athletes have used their platform to promote themselves to college programs. Currently, over 3,000 athletes commit to colleges each month using CaptainU. Their networking platform provides players and parents a tool to manage the college recruiting process and maximize their exposure to college coaches at the upcoming tournament.

CaptainU will provide player profile books for college coaches and free access to their online software to help all attending athletes maximize their exposure at the upcoming event to college coaches.

Schedule a complimentary call with CaptainU to learn how to get the most out of your profile by clicking: HERE. Or if you need assistance with filling out any info, please contact CaptainU at Help@CaptainU.com

Click on the links below to get setup for the event.

Girls Nationals CaptainU Sign Up (click the proper link below to sign up and create your free account)
Team Coaches Roster Upload Sign Up Info (8th-12th grade teams) - coming soon
Player Free Athlete Profile Sign Up (8th-12th grade teams/players) - coming soon
*Need Assistance? CLICK HERE to fill out a contact form for support.
College Coach Sign Up 

Boys Nationals CaptainU Sign Up (click the proper link below to sign up and create your free account)
Team Coaches Roster Upload Sign Up Info (8th-12th grade teams) - coming soon
Player Free Athlete Profile Sign Up (8th-12th grade teams/players) - coming soon
College Coach Sign Up

National Championship Team Check In Process

NTBA Nationals will be a contact-free team/player check-in. Team will get verified online through National Sports ID (NSID) before arriving to Nationals. To get verified online and to get more info on NSID, Click HERE

Admission Prices

Will be posted for each specific National Championship above


Nationals Apparel Sales

2020.Nationals.T.Shirt.Pic.I.pngGreat National Championship apparel will be available for purchase at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center





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