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Log-In Info
You will need to create a free username/email and password for the current website to first log in. Once logged in, you can create teams, purchase team membership, and pay for tournaments.  

Items needed for each tournament
- Updated Roster
- Proof of Age for each player (copy of birth certificate or copy of DMV I.D. card)
- Proof of Current Grade each player is in (copy of a report card from the current school year)

Manage your roster online and manage your team(s)
Click MY TEAMS to update all info (make sure you are logged into the website)

Tournament Schedule
Click TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES to find your team's schedule for each tournament. 
Note: You can also find it on our free NTBA app (search NTBA in your smart phone app store)

How To Videos
Need help navigating through the website or help with purchasing membership or paying for a tournament? Once you log into our website and create your free account, you will see "How To" videos you can click on in the main menu under MY TEAMS. These videos will walk you through the website and show you step by step directions on how to set your team up and pay for membership or pay for tournaments. 

Click TOURNAMENTS to search for all NTBA tournaments and to pay for an upcoming event.

Please see all COACHES INFO below for more links and info to everything you need as a coach.

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