game rules 

All National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) apply except:

9U/3rd grade – 12U/6th grade: Two 14 minutes halves 
13U/7th grade – 11th/12th grade: Two 16 minute halves 
(Clock stops on all whistles unless the “mercy” rule is in effect)

Mercy Rule
If a team is up by 25 points then the clock will continue to run except during time-outs (clock will stop again on all whistles once the score is back under 20).  Teams can not full court press when up by 25 points or more.

Each team is given (5) thirty second time-outs per game for regulation. Players are permitted to sit on the bench during time-outs. These time-outs do NOT carry over to overtime. Each time is awarded (1) thirty second time-out for each over time period.

Overtime is two minutes long for the 1st and 2nd overtime periods. Starting with the 3rd overtime the overtime period will be 1 minute long and continue until a winner is determined.  This overtime rule will be for both pool play and bracket play.

Game Ball Size
3rd – 6th grade / 9U-12U boys: 28.5 intermediate size basketball
7th – 11th/12th grade / 13U-14U boys: official men’s size basketball (29.5)
3rd – 11th/12th girls: official women’s size basketball (28.5)

*12U/6th grade boys: 29.5 size basketball may be used ONLY if BOTH coaches agree

Half time and Pre Game allotted time
Half time: 2 minutes 
Pre-Game: 3 minutes 
Each team should be stretched and ready to go as soon as the previous game is finished

The “home” team will provide someone to keep the official scorebook. NTBA recommends that the “away” team scorebook keeper sit beside the home team scorebook keeper to communicate and be proactive on any disputes. NTBA will provide someone to keep the scoreboard/clock.  If for some reason no one is available to keep the scoreboard then the away team will provide a responsible person for this (16 years or older).

Jersey numbers
NTBA allows all numbers (00 and 0-99) to be worn on jerseys. There are no illegal numbers. 

Grace Period
Teams must be ready to play at game time.  If a team is not present at game time, a 5 minute grace period will be given.  If the missing team has not shown up within that 5 minute grace period, the team present will be awarded a 25-0 forfeit win. Note: If a team is visible on site during the 5 minute grace, the game will be played in full (NTBA staff has the final say on this). 

Policies and regulations

Roster Rules
-A player may participate in a maximum of two separate age/grade divisions. They must meet the age/grade eligibility for both divisions they are playing in. Each player must be on the roster for both teams and the player must play within the same organization for both teams. Players can NOT play on two teams within the same age/grade division.
-Players must be on the roster in order to be eligible to play in all games including pool play games and bracket play games. As long as a player is on the roster turned into NTBA during team check-in, the player is eligible to play at anytime during the tournament (as long as they meet our eligibility requirements).
-Post Grad (Prep School) players are not allowed to play.
-Teams may change their roster throughout the season, but must have a current updated roster online and with them (along with all paperwork for each player) for each tournament. Teams must have this paperwork (report cards/birth certificates for each player) with them at all times during the tournament. NTBA reserves the right to check these at any time.

Disqualification from games
If a player is ejected, then he/she must sit out the remainder of that game and the following game. The player may sit on the bench, but can not play.  After sitting out the following game the player will be allowed to play in the remaining games of each tournament should the team still have games left.  If a coach is dismissed from a game then he/she must sit out the remainder of that game and the following game.  A coach that is ejected from a game must leave the gym for the remainder of that game. The following game the coach can not coach, but can sit in the bleachers away from the team bench and can not coach from the stands.  The tournament director reserves the right to dismiss a coach or player for the remainder of a tournament and not allow them back into any gym should they deem necessary. If a player or coach is dismissed from a game during the last game of a tournament it does not carry over to the next tournament and he/she may participate in the first game of the next tournament. Game officials have the right to sit/disqualify players for the remainder of the current game should they deem necessary to prevent any potential issues during the current game.  

If any team is found playing with an ineligible player during any game, penalties shall be imposed by the NTBA in its reasonable discretion, and may include disqualification of the entire team from the tournament.  Among other things, the NTBA may take into account: (i) whether or not the team gained a material competitive advantage through the ineligible player’s participation; (ii) whether or not the ineligible player’s participation endangered other players; and (iii) any other unique circumstances to the ineligible player’s participation. Note: players are not allowed to leave the bench to come onto the court for any reason during a game and NTBA reserves the right to dismiss the players and/or team for doing so. 

Number of players/coaches allowed
Each team is allowed to have 15 players per team and 3 coaches per team (one head coach and two assistant coaches).

Schedules for each tournament
Schedules for each tournament are posted on the NTBA website (schedules are not emailed out). Most schedules are posted the Tuesday before each tournament starts.

Scorebook Keeper
The designated "home" team will be responsible for keeping the official scorebook during games.  NTBA highly suggest that the visitor team have someone sit directly beside the home team scorekeeper to be proactive and communicate with each other to make sure no mistakes are made and that both teams have the same info.

Each team should have a home uniform (light color jersey) and away uniform (dark color jersey).  NTBA highly recommends that numbers be put on the front and back of the uniforms but all players must have a unique jersey number from all other players on the team.  NTBA allows any number 00 & 0-99 to be worn as a jersey number.   

Game Balls
The officials will choose the game ball to use for games. Both teams should have NFHS approved basketballs to use. 

Multiple Team Discounts
NTBA's website will take into consideration multi-team discounts and will automatically deduct the correct amount upon checkout.  You must pay at the same time for this to take place.  

The following are the discounts given:
2 teams - 5% off
3 teams - 7.5% off
4 teams - 10% off
5 teams - 15% off

Multiple Tournament Discounts
NTBA's website will take into consideration multi-tournament discounts if you are paying for several tournaments at once. You must pay for all tournaments at the same time in order to receive the multiple tournament discount and the website will deduct the proper amount upon checkout.  

The following are the discounts given:
2 tournaments - 5% off
3 tournaments - 7.5% off
4 tournaments - 10% off
5 tournaments - 15% off

Coaching Attire
Please dress appropriate during all games if you are sitting on the bench.  NTBA reserves the right to ask anyone to change attire during games.  No ball caps can be worn.  NTBA ask for coaches to wear a polo shirt or a nice team t-shirt while coaching.  Shorts are allowed to be worn while coaching.

All players are insured during all sanctioned NTBA games. All NTBA member teams are insured for practice as well. Teams/players are not insured for any tournaments/games that are not NTBA sanctioned events.

Please see our "Discounted Hotels" page for discounts on hotels to all of our tournaments.  Make sure you are aware of the hotel refund policy as NTBA does not control this and you are responsible for canceling in time.

Eligibility Rules
To view our policy on age group and eligibility rules, please visit our Eligibility Info page.

NTBA will refund any team for a tournament entry fee if it is before the tournament deadline (minus a 10% processing fee).  The entire entry fee may be transferred to any upcoming NTBA tournament if a team has given NTBA notice prior to the deadline.  No refunds or transfers will be given after the tournament deadline.  If a team forfeits for any reason, they will forfeit their entry fee.  If NTBA dismisses a team for any reason from a tournament or they are ruled to be ineligible no refund will be issued.

If a particular tournament doesn't make due to lack of teams in your age group, NTBA will refund 100% of your entry fee or transfer it to any upcoming NTBA tournament of your choice.

A protest on any team and/or player cost $100 (cash only) and should be made prior to the game.  The money must be given to the NTBA Tournament Director and the director will determine the outcome of the protest.  If the team that protest wins, they will receive their $100 cash back.  If the Tournament Director determines the player/team in question is legit then the team that is protesting will forfeit the $100 which NTBA keeps.

NTBA will not accept protest regarding judgment calls by officials or game administrative mistakes.  Any correctable error must be changed during the game. NTBA does not over rule any calls made by officials during the game.

Items Lost/Stolen(Personal Items)
NTBA is not responsible for any items lost and/or stolen during an event.  Please make sure you keep up with all of your personal belongings and put them in a safe place.

Photo and Video Disclaimer
NTBA reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any sponsored event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. NTBA may use the photograph/video taken to post on materials including but not limited to: emails, flyers, social media, and websites. By attending a NTBA event, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify NTBA from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

Combining Age Groups
For a normal tournament with a 3 game minimum, it takes 3 teams for an age group make.  NTBA reserves the right to combine age groups that are next to each other to make a tournament proceed.  NTBA will usually notify the team before doing so.

Requirements to Play
There are no qualifications to play in any NTBA tournaments (including State Championships, Super-Regionals or National Championships).  You simply need to be a member of NTBA which is only $115/team.  Make sure you pay for each tournament before the deadline and make sure you sign up for the correct age group.  Also, make sure you have all the proper paper work for each player with you for team check in and during the entire tournament.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Concussion Protocol
CLICK HERE for our protocol for potential concussions. 

All forfeits will be a score of 25-0.

Point Differential
There is a maximum point differential of 25 points. If a team wins by more than 25 points, they will only receive a "+25" in the point differential column for determining seeds for bracket play. In fairness of the game, NTBA discourages teams from purposely blowing other teams out. NTBA will remove a team if they continue to do so. If a team is ahead by more than 25 points they can no longer full court press.

Determining Seeds for Bracket Play
If it is a two way tie, NTBA will first look at head-to-head record. If one team beat the other team, the team that won will get the higher seed. If the two teams didn't play each other in pool play, point differential will be used to determine the higher seed.

If it is a three way tie, NTBA will look at point differential first to determine the seeds.

Note: If teams are still tied after all the tie breakers above are used, NTBA will then look at points against to determine the higher seed. The team that gave up the least amount of points will be the higher seed. Should all teams in the tie breaker have the same amount of points against then NTBA will flip a coin to determine the higher seed.

Rule Changes
NTBA reserves the rights to make any rule changes at any time. By signing up and playing in any sanctioned NTBA event, all teams agree to play by the current rules and policies set forth by the NTBA and its staff and/or tournament directors.


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